Are Your eBay Sales Down?

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When there is a brand new shiny object in the lime light, people tend to make incorrect assumptions. They follow the big new shiny object and pretend whatever they were making money from before is suddenly going to disappear. Yes, you guessed it right, that brand new shiny object right now is Facebook. Facebook has been around for some time however more internet marketers are using Facebook as a platform for making money.

But that doesn’t just make eBay ‘dead’! Are you kidding me? I made a ton of cash for my business with eBay last month and have been doing so since 2004. Yes eBay might change the game slightly now and again, and that is evolution. Just because the new shiny objects attract lots of attention, it doesn’t mean eBay sales are down, because they are booming for those who know how to work eBay. eBay won’t just lay down and die – it will evolve with the trends, your job is to be on top of eBay evolution.

I also want to mention the recession. Most people don’t like recessions. The good side of a recession is this..

If you can sustain or even grow a business in a recession whilst others are dropping out of the game all around you, imaging how further up the ladder your business will be once a recession ends. Take a look at this chart showing a recession trend ‘trough’ in global markets.


When you start a business in a recession or sustain or even grow a business during the ‘dip’, imagine how your business will be doing during a recovery and prosperity rise. Very well – thats how your business will be doing.

Really, are your eBay sales down? If they are, firstly don’t panic! It can and will be resolved. If they are, you need to consider the following points:

– Are new competitors coming into your market?

– Is your eBay search standing good?

– Is your product still in demand?

Think carefully how you might be able to increase sales. Have you set auctions running as well as buy it now? Have you optimized your listing titles for specific keywords? Have you optimized your eBay store for SEO? Have you tried using sales for a short period of time? Have you expanded your points of sale to all potential avenues.

Now is NOT the time to wait or drop out of the game. It’s NOT the time to sit back and wait. Every body is just waiting.

Now is the time to seize the day and grow your business!

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  1. Ed says:

    Hey John,

    You have stated the only way forward in the eBay game, I feel no niche market is 100% safe especially during a recession, and You have demonstrated how eBay is not as suited to autopilot selling as the rest of the ‘internet marketing’ realm we are in!

    At the end of the day a seller on eBay responses to their policies and selling structure, and in the same vain as what you mention in your article, that in order to survive such bleak times as a recession, you need to stay within their game then optimise it at all times across the playing field!

    From researching, speculating, spending, and structuring your eBay business, all with competition in mind!

    This is the Bible to eBaying in my book.

    But, I also feel choice of a marketplace where the products are of a ‘supply and demand’ that are also ‘more importantly ‘comsumable’, is the best chance of sustaining good sales maintaining your eBay business in all climates!

    Fantastic post John, I expected no less….Ed.

  2. John B says:

    eBay is still the best way to start an online business selling physical products Ed. I hope more people realize that now is the time of opportunity.

    Thanks for the comment Ed

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