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Correction, Hope and Forgiveness

Today I have a rather unusual and more personal post. Recently I was thinking a few things over about where my life was heading and where I wanted to be. The same morning I had been reading a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and I must tell you it has been a while since I picked up a book and didn’t let go until the last page.

The book is about how a young kid who was brought up by two Dads, a rich Dad and a poor Dad and how he learned different lessons from each Dad about making money, financial awareness and building assets. But after reading the book, it also gives a much bigger picture.

The book wasn’t just about money and making money –  It was about life .

The book describes how the the rich think differently – they think of building assets that will support their families future for as long as possible, rather than trying to consistently find new offers and having to go out hunting for a living all the time.

This was good information but there was something more to it than that.

The book really made me look hard at my own life as a big picture..

And I mean REALLY look.

It threw me into a thinking frenzy for 2 days – in fact I thought so hard my brain hurt – (I’m not joking) .

The book made me realize I was heading in the right direction partly but I had made some big mistakes and I had picked up some bad habits along the way that had diverted my path.

This book made me realize that those bad habits had to go and I must try hard to correct the path and amend mistakes. I only hope that it’s not too late to correct the path and that those who were affected by my own bad habits will show forgiveness.

I’ve never been much of a religious person but I must admit there have been a few moments where I have experienced a feeling of a greater force of guidance that I simply couldn’t explain.

I know, I know..

‘Heavy stuff John” I hear you say..

But I had to write this since I truly believe that there comes a point in everyone’s life where they reach a fork in the road. If you suddenly realize you have been diverted or somehow nudged from the right path for any reason then you must realize that as soon as possible and correct it – get back on the right path.

The moral of this post I suppose is that if you suddenly have a moment of enlightenment, don’t let it go, embrace it – it might just be that something bigger than you is trying to guide you along the right path.

If you are feeling upto a life changing moment then I really would recommend the book..


‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert T Kiyasaki

(This is an affiliate link by the way and if you do chose to buy it I would receive a small commission in return – it’s not that much a big of a deal considering this book could change your life, seriously).

So, now I’ve got that off my chest I feel a whole lot better and I would welcome anyone else to do the same by leaving a comment below.

I’m not trying to be the vicar of Dibley here or anything but seriously, If there is anything you want to get of your chest, OR if you have ever realized your on the wrong path and had to back track a few steps to correct it, then I’d love to know about it, let me know by leaving a comment below..

Selling More On eBay: The 1000 Mile High View

The 1000 mile high view (ever felt negligible)

When the company you work for tells you – you need to focus – you need to shape up – you need to do more, if only the person telling you that knew the insignificance of what they are telling you in respect to the big picture…

Here’s the big picture..

I’ve always been fascinated with the stars. I can remember for my 5th birthday  my older cousin handed me a gift I still cherish today (over 25yrs later). That gift was a book of the universe.

The book was an unusual oblong shaped hard-backed book with a glossy cover. As a five year old I had never seen such an orgy of colors enclosed within the high gloss pages. I didn’t understand the words in that book at 5 years old but there was something about those pictures in the book that got me looking at that book every day.

High gloss real life photos of the galaxies in our universe – it was like seeing multicolored candy-floss twisted together against the unknown blackness. It was fascinating.

I still have the book today. Only half of the book is words and the rest is high definition glossy images of the stars and galaxies. I didn’t read a single word in that book and it is the book I remember the most in my whole life.

If you are ever having a bad day, just remember the 1000 mile high view is a very different picture.

Watch this video I found on you tube…

Now you’ve watched this video, can you see how insignificant things can seem.

Instead of ‘having to be’ the stereotype family with spouse, two kids, house on mortgage, car, dog and career working for someone else. Why not work for yourself, start a business, work from home, spend time how YOU want to and do more of what YOU want to do.

If you know how to make money online and actually run an online business that creates income and wealth, you really are Special.

If you are selling or want to sell physical products online, the best place to start without doubt is to sell to an already established crowed of hungry buyers waiting for you at eBay.


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Are Your eBay Sales Down?

When there is a brand new shiny object in the lime light, people tend to make incorrect assumptions. They follow the big new shiny object and pretend whatever they were making money from before is suddenly going to disappear. Yes, you guessed it right, that brand new shiny object right now is Facebook. Facebook has been around for some time however more internet marketers are using Facebook as a platform for making money.

But that doesn’t just make eBay ‘dead’! Are you kidding me? I made a ton of cash for my business with eBay last month and have been doing so since 2004. Yes eBay might change the game slightly now and again, and that is evolution. Just because the new shiny objects attract lots of attention, it doesn’t mean eBay sales are down, because they are booming for those who know how to work eBay. eBay won’t just lay down and die – it will evolve with the trends, your job is to be on top of eBay evolution.

I also want to mention the recession. Most people don’t like recessions. The good side of a recession is this..

If you can sustain or even grow a business in a recession whilst others are dropping out of the game all around you, imaging how further up the ladder your business will be once a recession ends. Take a look at this chart showing a recession trend ‘trough’ in global markets.


When you start a business in a recession or sustain or even grow a business during the ‘dip’, imagine how your business will be doing during a recovery and prosperity rise. Very well – thats how your business will be doing.

Really, are your eBay sales down? If they are, firstly don’t panic! It can and will be resolved. If they are, you need to consider the following points:

– Are new competitors coming into your market?

– Is your eBay search standing good?

– Is your product still in demand?

Think carefully how you might be able to increase sales. Have you set auctions running as well as buy it now? Have you optimized your listing titles for specific keywords? Have you optimized your eBay store for SEO? Have you tried using sales for a short period of time? Have you expanded your points of sale to all potential avenues.

Now is NOT the time to wait or drop out of the game. It’s NOT the time to sit back and wait. Every body is just waiting.

Now is the time to seize the day and grow your business!

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