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The Real Reason Your eBay Buyers Are Important

The real reason your eBay buyers are important is not because you made a little bit of profit when they first purchased from you. ebay buyersBuyers are much more important than that.

Buyers are important because they are people who have proven to you that they are prepared to open their wallets and spend money with you.

There is a difference.

Once you differentiate the buyers from the tire-kickers you can talk to those buyers more often and offer more specific products targeted to those buyers, not just once when a buyer makes a first purchase from your eBay store but over and over again.

You can only do this if you are building a list of qualified buyers. There are several ways to do this but more important is the list itself. eBay buyers are much more important than just a first sale.

I agree that not all buyers will buy again but a percentage of them will. And those sales can be for products with much bigger profit margins because some buyers will want to spend much more money on more expensive products. This can count to the majority of your profits.

This is how it can work out..

If you sell 10 products and you make 100usd, you have 100usd and 10 proven buyers. If only 1 of those proven buyers buy a much higher value product from you and you make 150usd, then you have profited a total of 160usd from just one buyer and that customer is more valuable than the other 9 customers who only spent a small amount.

In total you would have made 250usd as apposed to only 100usd. That’s 150% more profit than if you only made one offer to your buyers.

It’s more important to build a list of proven buyers than it is to make your first sale. That’s the real reason eBay buyers are important.

Do you ask your buyers if they want to buy again? Leave your comment below..

150% Or 40% Efficient

It’s usually only when we hit a wall or a crisis point in our lives that we actually pull out all the stops. What I mean is, ebay businessit’s only when we are really hurting that we as humans change radically and act.

It’s only when we have no other option but to put in 150% into something that we really need to work in order to survive. When disaster is looking at us in the face,  something inside of us happens and makes us do things that we wouldn’t normally do.

The reason is that..

At the opposite side of the spectrum our survival instincts are complacent. Our survival instinct is a powerful force but it’s lazy, it doesn’t like to work unless it really has to.

However, we never know when disaster might strike next. You can pay your bills and mortgage this month because you have a job that you’ve had for years, but what if you were made redundant and lost your job tomorrow?

What would you do?

It’s at times like this when we are forced out of our comfort zones and have to act. I can tell you I’ve been in that kind of situation several times and looking back, it’s at those critical moments when you really do put in all the effort required to make things work again.

And something kind of strange happens. It usually works out for the better.

That’s when good things emerge.

Of course this relates to your eBay business and internet marketing.

It’s at those times when you can really lay the foundations of a successful eBay business. When you’re frantically thrashing around researching new products and niches desperate to make things work.

To create a real income with eBay that can support you and your family and to build a business so that you can simply work for yourself, you need to put in the effort.

Most people do the bare minimum like list a couple of products that everyone else sells and wait for the customers and the money to magically appear. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

Building any business whether it be on the internet or offline takes time, investment and a considerable amount of effort. I wish there was another way but there simply isn’t.

If you can flick the switch on your survival instinct and focus the incredible power into a new project or goal you want to achieve, that’s when you will be able to establish a business that REALLY works and pays dividends for years.

If you think you really can flick the switch and focus the power of survival then your ready to build and make a business succeed.

What do you think? Have you ever been in a similar situation before?

Let me know by replying below..

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