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I recently moved one of my membership sites over to Clickbank from 1Shoppingcart.

Here’s Why..

Clickbank vs 1ShoppingCart

1ShoppingCart does have all the functionality to handle digital product deliver-ability as well as physical products. The built in affiliate program software also allows you to manage as many individual affiliate programs as you like, so you have full control over your affiliates when they sign up to promote your products. This come in handy for building your own email list and army of affiliates.

Having a list of affiliates who promote your products can be very powerful. You can simply email your affiliates with news of any new products you create and you don’t have to go looking for new affiliates to promote your new products.

The downside is of course you have to build that list in the first place but once you have an army of affiliates promoting your products you really have built an asset for your business.

So Why Did I Ditch 1ShoppingCart For Clickbank?

Well I haven’t totally ditched 1shoppingcart because I still use 1shoppingcart for 90% of my products, both physicalclickbank vs 1shoppingcart and digital. But the reason I moved one over to Clickbank is to tap into a new affiliate marketplace.  When you list products on Clickbank you rely on the huge affiliate marketplace to hopefully find affiliates to promote your products for you.

Although unless you ask for the affiliates name and email address somewhere on your site you are not guaranteed that the same affiliate will know about your new products.

Use Clickbank to Attract New Affiliates

So I moved the membership site over to Clickbank to attract new affiliates although I will still keep building my list of affiliates with 1ShoppingCrt for other products. If you have more than 1 product it might be worthwhile using different methods to attract new affiliates.

What I did to change over to Clickbank

1. I already had a Clickbank account because I do promote affiliate products as well as promoting my own products and I had already advertised products on Clickbank a few year back. So I didn’t have to sign up to Clickbank to get an ID.

2. I submitted my site details and wrote the marketplace ad.

3. I submitted the thank you page (this was more tricky this time because I am using membership site software so I had to spend about 30 minutes integrating the membership site software to work with Clickbank).

4. I replaced the 1ShoppingCart buy now links with Clickbank’s order links.

5. I requested approval from Clickbank and I received approval within 24hrs.

Was I right to change over from Clickbank from 1shoppingcart? Tell me what you think below..



  1. Barry Wells says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t think you can ever be wrong for trying new places to advertise your products, and ClickBank does have an army of affiliates ready and waiting to jump on the next new product being loaded.

    Having moved it from one site to another it’ll be interesting to compare the results John. Did you have it on 1ShoppingCart for long?

    I’ve only got the one product on any affiliated site (ClickBank) as yet, but obviously plan more for the future and it would be good to know what results this change brings to you.

    One thing i don’t like about ClickBank is the fact that we have to have 5 different credit card payments before they issue any payments. As most people pay via paypal at the moment getting 5 cards can be challenging.

    Best of luck with it John,
    Respect and Regards, Barry

    • John B says:

      Hi Barry,

      I’ll let you know how it goes although with 1shoppingcart you really need to be able to market your own affiliate program, rather than waiting for clickbanks affiliates to stumble over your product.


  2. Ed says:

    Hey John,

    The best way to build an army of affiliates to a list is to have a link at the foot of your sales page to an affiliates page offering affiliate all the promotional tools they could ever need!

    The more you make it appealing and easier to promote the affiliates you will attract to your product!

    Also what I plan on doing in the near future, is putting a follow-up sequence in place whereas each email will contain a savvy way way to drive traffic to their affiliate page of your product!

    The email will also contain a PDF downloadable version via a link for more versatile reference, i believe giving your affiliates more *free* value like you would a buyer or lead in your follow-ups, will increase affiliate sign-ups as well as affiliate income streams to yourself!

    Great post John….Ed.

  3. John B says:

    Great tip for the affiliate mini series Ed

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