eBay Best Match: Is Your Product A Needle?

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eBay is saturated with products and if your search standing is not up to par your products are literally a needle in a ebay-best-matchhaystack and will never be found by anyone.

How do you know if your product is a hot eBay product if potential buyers can’t even see your eBay listing?

People who buy from eBay generally search eBay in 2 ways.

They will type in a search term into the browser and hit the search button. eBay automatically shows best match items first but then they will chose the ‘show products with lowest price and shipping first’. Basically they are searching for the lowest priced product. It’s not a good thing to try and succeed by only listing the lowest cost products because someone else will inevitably be willing to work for less than you and eventually they will undercut your prices and you will be working for peanuts!

The second way people search eBay is with best match. To be found in eBay best match you need good feedback, good dsr ratings, an optimized eBay title and a product that sells when clicked on. Free shipping also helps.

But how the heck can you get sales in the first place to get a good search standing?

My eBay Best Match Boost Tutorial shows you a way to get around a low search standing but another simple way is to use the lowest price search on one or two of your lowest priced products to get traffic into your store.

If you sell a lot of a lower priced product you probably wont make much profit from those sales however, your search standing will increase for all your products. That includes any new products you list.

If your new higher priced products do sell well, your new listings will stay near the top of eBay best match search results and usually on the first page in a smaller niche category.

If your product continues to sell well, it might even appear on the first page of the search results in the ‘next level up’ category (the parent category), and that’s when you’ll get lots more sales.

Is the eBay category your selling in flooded with competition? Tell me by posting a message below..



  1. Ed says:

    Hey John,

    This post is what eBay blogs are all about, its also a particular area on eBay selling that a lot of novice sellers get so wrong!

    The best match default search feature is one of the main keys to success on eBay!

    Great post John….Ed.

  2. Barry Wells says:

    Hi John, excellent advice yet again. Ever since the Fixed price listings started being placed according to the sellers DSR I have listed one Fixed price listing and numerous auction items of each product that i offer for sale. With a link in each advert to the fixed price listing.

    It certainly helps.

    Thanks for the tips John, until next time, Barry

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