Internet Marketing Minefield: Here’s the Roadmap

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I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been busy training my employees following the system I talked about in a previous post Are You a Work ‘Droid?’ and I have realised I should have been hiring people a long time ago. However I wanted to refocus on my internet marketing road map.

There are a a tonne of ways ‘you can do’ internet marketing and a tonne of ways to make money. There’s even more ways to fail. I’m going to be totally open and just tell you how I do it. I am confident of being able to tell you this and be totally honest about how I do it because it’s no big secret. You just have to DO IT!

If you know it already then great I hope that what I am about to tell you helps keep you focussed, if you don’t know how to do it then this is how. These are the actual steps you can take to grow a business to make money online..

– Research Keywords with Googles Keyword Tool

– Check SEO page rank for competition

– Research eBay Pulse /Amazon reviews / Clickbank/Kindle reviews etc..

– Check Google trends

– Check commercial intent of keywords

– Check PPC ads for competition

– Choose one Bullseye keyword and a few similar keywords as your main keywords.

– Buy domain name

– Setup a website WordPress is the best platform as I write this. the quickest way to setup wordpress sites is to use the best web hosting Hostgator and use fantastico to install wordpess with a few clicks.

– Setup your website for SEO (Read Googles Guide for Webmasters)

– Setup analytics Google Analytics is free. I also use Getclicky with a ‘spy’ feature so you can see visitors interact with your website    in real time.

– Setup your pages – include a sales page and a lead capture page

– Write your first and second post

– Start a PPC campaign.

– Start getting a few links and push marketing by:

– Blogging, article marketing, directory submissions, high page rank links, social media, video marketing, and the list goes on..

– Improve and constantly test your sales pages and ads with Website Optimizer

– Build from there. Whatever you are selling or marketing for affiliate revenue.

If you are selling physical products sell them in more places: eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Google product search, ecrator, Shopping Comparison channels and the list goes on.

– Create your own affiliate program with

– Sell related products/services to your successful products/services, also promote other products as an affiliate, cross sell-upsell.

– And start all over again building your websites, linking your websites etc..

If you manage to do this and you are making money, keep feeding content into your system, keep building traffic sources, keep posting articles, keep talking about your products and services, keep growing your email lists.

After you’ve done all that without getting distracted along the way or without being diverted without you even knowing it, and you are still making money  – well done you’re a star!

You then have more choices to make..

You can sustain and continue to grow your business yourself, or you can hire people to help you or do it for you – and start new seedling businesses.

You have to keep reinvesting time and /or money into your business to keep it growing.

Each and EVERY step above is a potential road block. Each step can take months of training if your are new to the area. Each step can be a potential mine-field and most people stop because they get stuck, get lost somewhere along the way or diverted without even knowing it.

So I made this post to remind both you and myself not to get distracted from a time-tested process for building businesses online and making money. Even if the tools change or the platforms change or more marketing platforms are added over time, this is the process no matter what new shiny object or latest marketing platform is released.

AHHH, I feel better already for writing that.

Now back to work!

Do you have a road map..



  1. Bill Murney says:

    Hi John

    That’s a great blueprint for success you have posted. It even sounds simple and easy enough, of course we all know it isn’t but you have summed it all up splendidly.

    Although I have no interest in information marketing, it’s still a great guide for advancing my eBay business activities and hopefully future eCommerce site.

    A-U-L, UK

    • John B says:

      Hi, thanks Bill. Yes I can spill the beans because like you say, it’s looks and sounds easy, but in reality it takes a lot of hard work, focus, and determination to even follow the steps. That’s why lot’s of people flood to the internet looking to find their own ‘pot of gold’, only to find they are looking for a pot of gold at the ‘end of the rainbow’. Like any business OR the sound of an orchestra, it works with dedication, persistence and experience..

      All the best with your eBay’ing Bill!

  2. Bill Murney says:

    Hi again John

    I have just spent a few hours going through all your eBay posts and have to say you have some tremendous information in them.

    Some of it is a bit advanced for me as I am a relative newbie to eBay but I have saved the links for when I need them. At the moment I am selling ‘excess baggage’ and have sold almost £2400 in 6 weeks.

    I must admit I am hooked and I am now looking for my first micro niche. I have signed up for your mini course and I am looking forward to tapping in to your knowledge.

    Thanks for some great tips already John.

    A-U-L, UK

  3. Barry Wells says:

    Hi John, now that’s what i call quality content.

    You’ve given one of the best step by step guides i’ve ever seen in a blog post. This kind of content is normally sold and it makes a refreshing change to see a detailed guide such as this.

    All people need to do is follow your guide as a plan and complete each step before moving on to the next one.

    Their knowledge will grow with each step as will their confidence and if they do their research right their pockets will grow as well.

    Great post John,

    Barry +1’d 😉

    • John B says:

      Hi Barry, thanks for the complements. The steps above are just one example, I think it takes years in reality to obtain a basic fundamental knowledge of all internet marketing techniques. In reality you only really know one method of obtaining traffic and one method of converting it. The other ‘parts’ of the puzzle can be implemented by partners, affiliates and even employees.

      The hiring employees part is something I’m working on at the moment to free up some of my time however finding good people is turning out to be a challenge. I now have one brilliant employee and I must have hired and fired 5 – again trial and error in finding something (or someone) that works.

      I don’t claim to be an expert in SEO however I have a fundamental knowledge but not the time to implement it. Hence finding new people to work in my business.

      John B

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