Optimize Your eBay Listings With 3 Essential eBay Tools

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Optimizing your eBay listing titles is now more important than ever if you want your listing to be found on eBay.

Here are a few essential eBay tools no one ever mentions..

1. One of the tools which is invaluable for optimizing your ebay listing titles and keywords in the titles to get more searches and clicks into your items is the ebay labs keyword optimizer.

Paste your current ebay title into http://labs.ebay.com/raghavgupta/demoto/instructions.html and get a list of keywords that you can try to potentially increase (or decrease) your search impressions and clicks to your listings. (This is currently an experimental tool and may be taken down in the future for re-development)

2. Also eBaySaurus is a tool that generates keywords that searchers are actually typing into the eBay search bar that relate to your original keywords. It also tells you which of those words are the most popular with searchers on eBay. Check this great tool out here.. http://labs.ebay.com/demos/qnet/


3. An old favorite of mine and I still believe is the most comprehensive eBay analysis tool available anywhere. Terapeak is a paid service but there’s some demos available for you to see how it works and the data you get with this neat set of research tools will pay for itself in no time by increasing your sales volume without doubt. Heres the link, eBay Research by Terapeak


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