‘Cheap talk’ from eBay Executive

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I once heard an eBay executive say that people who visit eBay like cheap products.
And I believe this is true, but it depends on your own interpretation of the phrase ‘cheap products’.

To me, the word ‘cheap’ could be interpreted in several ways.

Cheap could be interpreted by some to mean rubbish! So, is the eBay executive saying that to be successful on eBay you need to sell rubbish tat that falls apart after one use?

I don’t think that’s what he actually meant but I would have thought he would have chosen
his words a little better, don’t you?

What he was getting at is that people want to find ‘bargains’ on eBay, the place to go to
get a good deal.

That’s all well and good, but it inst really the big ‘HURAH’ eBay sellers want to here.

I mean if all the sellers get into a ‘Race to FREE’ price war with each other, profit
margins will fall through the floor and there isn’t be much point selling on eBay..

OR is there..

I don’t know about you but joining the race to FREE is not my idea of good business practices
so I wont be participating in that race. Instead, what I will be doing is ADDING VALUE to
my products and offers. In fact, that is what I’ve always done and I believe is the methodology
of increasing the buyers perception of value in exchange for the price paid.

Whilst everyone else is currently cutting their prices and earning less and less, I’ll be putting my prices UP!

Yes you read that correctly. In fact I increased the price of one of my best sellers just last week and
guess what..

It made just as many sales, If not more sales than at the lower price point.

I also added value to the offer not by sending more products but by amending the image and the
item description. I ‘INCREASED THE BUYERS PERCEPTION OF VALUE’ and the buyers are still coming back to eBay
and getting a bargain in eBay’s eyes.

So, when an exec at eBay mentions the word ‘cheap’ you could look at it in a bad way or a good way, but it’s
how you add value to make your products appear as bargains that will ultimately determine your return on investment.

So no more of this ‘cheap talk’ please Mr eBay executive!

By the way, if you do want to buy products ‘cheap’ to resell on eBay, you will find lots useful information in my newsletter and video series..

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eBay Success Formula Revealed

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How is it that in a couple of years, some eBay sellers have lots of success and grow their eBay business and web presence to million dollar businesses? Yes and I do mean million dollar businesses, whilst others are still ‘spinning their wheels?’

You could say that the eBay success formula is..

Product + Traffic + Conversions = Success.. Right?

I have another theory and it all starts way before you even have a product, write an item description, sales copy or even create an eBay listing…

The real reason why most people fail is because they are not using..

‘The Sweet Spot Formula’

What is the sweet spot formula, I hear you ask?

Well, apart from being the name I’ve given it, I see it as the ‘state of being’ an eBay’er needs to adapt to be successful.

Here’s what I mean..

The sweet spot formula consists of three parts being inspiration, education and determination and all parts overlap. You can see how they overlap in the diagram below.


Once you have the three parts overlapping at the right places and you hit the ‘sweet spot’, you are guaranteed to be successful at whatever you are doing whether it be selling on eBay, obtaining leads or marketing your new ebook!

How can I be so confident that the sweet spot formula guarantees success.

Here’s how..

Inspiration – We all need inspiration. We all need to be inspired to think of new ideas, how to market that new product or plan a new business. Without inspiration your products will be boring, unattractive to customers and won’t have a good chance of success.

Education – Every single internet marketer and eBayer I have known and who has seen any success with their internet business is continuously improving their education. They are always learning new techniques, improving their skills and being coached by others who have been in their shoes.

The speed of progress on the internet is ten-fold in comparison to traditional marketing and commerce. 1 year in the land of internet marketing and e-commerce is the same as ten years with regards to new developments and methods, so if you are just starting out, you better put on your running shoes. Getting a coach to show you the path is the easiest way to complete your education circle in the sweet-spot formula.

And finally..

Determination – I don’t really need to say it but determination is paramount to success. You’re going to fall at some point and you need to learn from it and get straight back into the game without even flinching. You need to be able to ‘know’ that you are going to succeed before you actually do and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So grit your teeth and take action on whatever you need to do to progress.

How does all this relate to eBay success?

Here’s an example..

You need ideas to sell new products that stand out in markets. The amount of competition now simply won’t allow you to sell any run-of-the-mill product and get away with it. You can’t just put any old product for sale on eBay and expect to become rich. You need inspiration to figure out your USP or unique selling point. Your USP should make your product different to everyone else’s products and ultimately determine your products success.

You’re going to need to learn how to actually procure, advertise and sell your products without being squashed by the competition. You can spend time searching forums, ‘how to’ guides and read books to further your internet marketing education and to grow your business, but who do you trust?

If you’re selling on eBay at all and are thinking of growing your business both with eBay and beyond, an eBay coach is the way to go.

A good coach will not only be able to show you what you are doing right or wrong but also guide you and give you direction. Being successful doesn’t mean simply selling on eBay. It means using eBay as a marketing tool to fuel your ‘back end business’ which will most likely generate most of your profits.

Having a coach who you can trust and who has already walked the path will be a great asset. Take heed and consider it an investment in your business.

And you need to be determined to keep listing products to find good sellers and to stay in the game. There is no hard and fast methodology for this and contrary to what many people think, there is no black magic or voodoo involved. Consistently testing new products to find the ones that are going to be big hits takes sheer hard work and determination.

And that’s it!

No secrets, No magic wands and there’s certainly no voodoo involved..

eBay success simply requires the right ingredients to hit the sweet spot!

What do you think?

Let me know by posting below..

The Winter Paradox: Overcoming Your Fear of Freedom

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I love the winter scenes of snow covered rooftops and trees in the countryside but then again I only see it maybe once each year. The reason I love the picturesque scenes so much is because usually I don’t have to feel the snow or the cold.

As you may or may not know I spend most of my time in tropical climates that pull in 35 degree Celsius heat waves as a norm, but sometimes I like to travel to the UK to visit friends and family and to ‘absorb’ England. Visiting England, especially in winter is kind of like getting a sweet slap in the face.

The cold is bitter but it’s a wake up call to what people experience in winter climates.

The only reason I like it is because the winter scenes are beautiful and I don’t have to fight through the bitter cold mornings to do my work. If I had to travel or work outside in winter I probably wouldn’t like the winter months so much.

But this is my point. When you are in the crowd of people who are all following the blind,  i.e. cuing in traffic to get to work, following a routine your not happy with, seeing everyone else following a similar routine and desperate to spend money rather than make money, it’s difficult to see the other side of the fence.

What I mean is that when you’re in the crowd, it’s more difficult to see the big picture from above.

Why would you want to see the big picture?

It reminds me of a previous post;  Selling more on eBay the 1000 mile high view

Being able to really SEE the big picture helps you realize that you don’t simply have to follow the crowd.

There are benefits to this..

– Being able to truly ‘think outside the box’

– It’s easier to commit to your own needs and your own passions

– It’s easier to see what the crowd really wants

– Overcoming your fear of freedom!

For example;  When I see market stalls and products in shops in England I’m always comparing prices to what’s available in other countries.

Most people might walk into a shop that sell supplements or curtain blinds or anything else a little unusual, to actually buy something. I go in to check what’s on offer or more importantly what’s not on offer.

If you find a product available on the internet that you know people would want that isn’t easily found in the high street shops or market stalls then you might just have a hot idea for a product to sell on eBay.

Experiencing different climates and travelling helps you ‘think outside the box’ – it opens the mind to possibilities and opportunities you would have never even dreamed of before.

Make time to have a look, won’t you?  (From ‘outside the box’ that is), and consider if what you are doing and feeling is where you really want to be right now – or whether you would benefit from watching and thinking from ‘outside the box’ a little more.

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