eBay AdCommerce Closed Down – The Sproose Goose

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As of today the eBay Adcommerce Pay Per Click program is no more as eBay have closed down adcommerce for ebay.com and ebay.ca. This is, or was the ebay pay per click program that allowed sellers to buy clicks to listings. This makes sense if giving buyers who visit ebay to buy products the most valued service is important to ebay, since sellers will no longer be able to ‘buy’ their way to the top of the search results.

A bit like the gigantic H-4 Hercules military plane nicknamed ‘the sproose goose’ that only flew once at a height of only 75 feet. Could ebay adcommerce be the ‘sproose goose‘ of pay per click advertising programs?

OK, there may be more ‘sproose gooses’ knocking around on the internet than anywhere else, but the point is that great service has always been one of the main points for creating a successful business both on the internet and offline and great service is going to be the main focus for sellers to get listings near the top of best match search results for the foreseeable future.

It’s even more important than ever that you join my HealthyProfitsClub eBay business building and product creation course.

eBay Best Match: Is Your Product A Needle?

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eBay is saturated with products and if your search standing is not up to par your products are literally a needle in a ebay-best-matchhaystack and will never be found by anyone.

How do you know if your product is a hot eBay product if potential buyers can’t even see your eBay listing?

People who buy from eBay generally search eBay in 2 ways.

They will type in a search term into the browser and hit the search button. eBay automatically shows best match items first but then they will chose the ‘show products with lowest price and shipping first’. Basically they are searching for the lowest priced product. It’s not a good thing to try and succeed by only listing the lowest cost products because someone else will inevitably be willing to work for less than you and eventually they will undercut your prices and you will be working for peanuts!

The second way people search eBay is with best match. To be found in eBay best match you need good feedback, good dsr ratings, an optimized eBay title and a product that sells when clicked on. Free shipping also helps.

But how the heck can you get sales in the first place to get a good search standing?

My eBay Best Match Boost Tutorial shows you a way to get around a low search standing but another simple way is to use the lowest price search on one or two of your lowest priced products to get traffic into your store.

If you sell a lot of a lower priced product you probably wont make much profit from those sales however, your search standing will increase for all your products. That includes any new products you list.

If your new higher priced products do sell well, your new listings will stay near the top of eBay best match search results and usually on the first page in a smaller niche category.

If your product continues to sell well, it might even appear on the first page of the search results in the ‘next level up’ category (the parent category), and that’s when you’ll get lots more sales.

Is the eBay category your selling in flooded with competition? Tell me by posting a message below..

The Real Reason Your eBay Buyers Are Important

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The real reason your eBay buyers are important is not because you made a little bit of profit when they first purchased from you. ebay buyersBuyers are much more important than that.

Buyers are important because they are people who have proven to you that they are prepared to open their wallets and spend money with you.

There is a difference.

Once you differentiate the buyers from the tire-kickers you can talk to those buyers more often and offer more specific products targeted to those buyers, not just once when a buyer makes a first purchase from your eBay store but over and over again.

You can only do this if you are building a list of qualified buyers. There are several ways to do this but more important is the list itself. eBay buyers are much more important than just a first sale.

I agree that not all buyers will buy again but a percentage of them will. And those sales can be for products with much bigger profit margins because some buyers will want to spend much more money on more expensive products. This can count to the majority of your profits.

This is how it can work out..

If you sell 10 products and you make 100usd, you have 100usd and 10 proven buyers. If only 1 of those proven buyers buy a much higher value product from you and you make 150usd, then you have profited a total of 160usd from just one buyer and that customer is more valuable than the other 9 customers who only spent a small amount.

In total you would have made 250usd as apposed to only 100usd. That’s 150% more profit than if you only made one offer to your buyers.

It’s more important to build a list of proven buyers than it is to make your first sale. That’s the real reason eBay buyers are important.

Do you ask your buyers if they want to buy again? Leave your comment below..

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