Selling More On eBay: The 1000 Mile High View

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The 1000 mile high view (ever felt negligible)

When the company you work for tells you – you need to focus – you need to shape up – you need to do more, if only the person telling you that knew the insignificance of what they are telling you in respect to the big picture…

Here’s the big picture..

I’ve always been fascinated with the stars. I can remember for my 5th birthday  my older cousin handed me a gift I still cherish today (over 25yrs later). That gift was a book of the universe.

The book was an unusual oblong shaped hard-backed book with a glossy cover. As a five year old I had never seen such an orgy of colors enclosed within the high gloss pages. I didn’t understand the words in that book at 5 years old but there was something about those pictures in the book that got me looking at that book every day.

High gloss real life photos of the galaxies in our universe – it was like seeing multicolored candy-floss twisted together against the unknown blackness. It was fascinating.

I still have the book today. Only half of the book is words and the rest is high definition glossy images of the stars and galaxies. I didn’t read a single word in that book and it is the book I remember the most in my whole life.

If you are ever having a bad day, just remember the 1000 mile high view is a very different picture.

Watch this video I found on you tube…

Now you’ve watched this video, can you see how insignificant things can seem.

Instead of ‘having to be’ the stereotype family with spouse, two kids, house on mortgage, car, dog and career working for someone else. Why not work for yourself, start a business, work from home, spend time how YOU want to and do more of what YOU want to do.

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  1. Ed says:

    Hey John,

    Love the planets concept, to have a certain fasination fot the planets, my ex-girlfriend had a planet registered in my name ‘The Jay Star’!

    A bit weird but flattering at the same time, I guess if you where to use planets as an example of degrees of online success, then the ultimate goal would have to be ‘The Sun’?

    It holds so much energy, and to me represents the lifeforce you need to sustain an online business,,like it does all the planets in its own solar system!

    Love the way you used planets as an example of eBay success!

    Great stuff John….Ed.

    • John B says:

      Thanks Ed, when things start to heat up I often take the 1000 mile high view of my business. This helps me relax and focus on whats really important at that moment in time.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi John,

    I can’t believe this – I really needed this John. Half of my income ended with one decision last week when my eBay account was marked as below standard, and it shook me up.

    I’ve totally done everything I was supposed to do – send orders in a timely manner, etc but I had a problem with one stock delivery and over 20 people were waiting for stock a few days longer than usual and they must have left low dsr ratings.

    I can’t believe it but thanks John for making it clear everything will be OK because I can look at this situation from the 1000 mile high view and I know it will work out again.

    Thanks John

  3. John McNally says:

    I’m a star-gazer as well John, but I Iearned something new from the video. 🙂

    I always thought Venus and Mars were the same size. But Venus is not only nearer the Sun, it’s bigger as well, which explains why it’s the brightest planet in the night sky. 8)

    Great post John, I think I will be coming back here regularly. 😉


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