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eBay AdCommerce Closed Down – The Sproose Goose

As of today the eBay Adcommerce Pay Per Click program is no more as eBay have closed down adcommerce for and This is, or was the ebay pay per click program that allowed sellers to buy clicks to listings. This makes sense if giving buyers who visit ebay to buy products the most valued service is important to ebay, since sellers will no longer be able to ‘buy’ their way to the top of the search results.

A bit like the gigantic H-4 Hercules military plane nicknamed ‘the sproose goose’ that only flew once at a height of only 75 feet. Could ebay adcommerce be the ‘sproose goose‘ of pay per click advertising programs?

OK, there may be more ‘sproose gooses’ knocking around on the internet than anywhere else, but the point is that great service has always been one of the main points for creating a successful business both on the internet and offline and great service is going to be the main focus for sellers to get listings near the top of best match search results for the foreseeable future.

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eBay Adcommerce PPC Program Replaces Featured First

For those of you who list on eBay using the featured first upgrade, eBay have yet again changed the game and as of June 29 2010 eBay will be discontinuing this feature and you will no longer be able to simply buy your first place position in eBay’s best match search.

Instead, eBay have proposed that sellers use eBay’s pay per click program adcommerce. If you sign upto add commerce your adcommerce ads will be displayed above or below the main search display area. I have noticed eBay are currently testing this and move ads around a bit to supposedly test the best area for the new adcommerce ads.

You’ll find by using adcommerce you will be charged every time a browser clicks on your adcommerce ad. Will this really replace the benefits of featured first for sellers or is it another ploy to drip more money from your bank account into eBay’s? Only time will tell and eventually I predict adcommerce will have been extensively tested enough to replace featured first but that could take time..

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