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Letter From A Frustrated Newbie To Selling On eBay

Recently I received a hand written letter from a frustrated subscriber who is trying to find a product to sell on eBay that will create an income that would replace the income from the job that this person was made redundant from. I have changed the name of this person to ‘Bob’ for the sake of this post and to protect the individuals privacy.

Here’s the letter..


Dear John,

I was wondering if you could please help me. I have signed up on your mini course about best selling items on eBay. I have turned my attention to try and make a living out of selling products on eBay as I have been made redundant and finding a job is so difficult. So I was wondering if you could help me to find a product to sell on eBay.




Firstly I want to congratulate Bob for being made redundant! This may sound a little unusual but being made redundant is often the spark needed to fire a successful entrepreneurial business of your own. Its hard for some to take those first steps to start a business instead of working for others because of the risk factor and doubts of ability to  succeed. The challenge, IF you chose to accept is..

To create your own ‘mini-business’ that can sustain you financially while you build on that to give rise to a business that will generate wealth and freedom for your future on semi-autopilot.  You will need an initial investment to buy your first products to sell on eBay. If you don’t have a little cash to invest you can always raise some money selling old items you have around the house you no longer need or use. If you are new to eBay this will also give you vital hands on experience to selling on eBay.

My first experience with eBay was selling my old items I had around the house and I was hooked when I raised over 4000 pounds  from old stuff I no longer used that I regarded as things that no longer had any value to me. That is exactly how my eBay business began.

In the letter, Bob asks if I can help him to find a single product to sell on eBay and this is the correct way to begin your own successful business once you have a small amount of cash you can invest. First you need just one product that actually sells and generates a profit to make money. The product will be one that can be resold as a buy it now product that you can order a quantity of and resell on the same multiple buy it now listing over and over again.

It’s totally feasible to expect to sell at least one product repetitively each day. Say your product generates 15usd profit after your costs. 15usd x 30 days = 450usd profit per month. This is a minimal amount to sustain you however, before you can have 2 products that sell on eBay and actually make money, you need one product.

Once you have that first product up and running it’s much easier to find your second product and third and so on. The profit you make soon ads up as you add more and more profitable products to your portfolio. Imagine having 10 products that all generate profits and sell at least one per day and make on average 15usd profit each. Now your upto 4500usd profit per month on semi autopilot!

Simply growing your inventory one product at a time with profitable items soon amounts up to profits much larger than you could ever expect.

But first you must find that first product. When I get asked about profitable products to sell on eBay the first thing I do is recommend the mini course tutorial fast-lanevideos. Using the research methods and wholesale procurement methods in these videos will direct you to find your first profitable product. If you are testing the market with more than one product and only one of those three products actually turn a profit, ditch the two losers and keep the winner.

Order your first batch of the product that made the profit and only concentrate on selling that one product until you have created the best eBay listing you can possibly create for that single product. Then go onto finding another product using the same methods.

When You Reach The Highway, Take Your Foot Off The Brake..

If you are actually at the point where you have at least one or two products generating a profit on eBay you are ready to take your business to the next level. I always recommend focusing your efforts on selling just one or two products purchased at wholesale prices to begin your eBay business and to gain essential experience and accumulate knowledge. When you reach that point you are ready to take your foot off the brake and take your business into the fast lane.

This is when your business really takes off and your profits begin to multiply.

Are You Taking Advantage Of Free Google Traffic To Increase Your eBay Store Sales?

Are you taking advantage of free Google traffic to increase your eBay store sales?

eBay isn’t the only place you can get traffic to your eBay listings. If you take a look at some Powerseller’s ebay stores you will see that the categories on the left hand side navigation are keyword rich and designed to be search engine friendly.

You can easily implement a simple strategy for obtaining more free traffic to your eBay store by optimizing your eBay store categories in a certain way so that your eBay store pages are included in all the big search engines search results.

Here’s how eBay store pages look in Google’s search results.


In the above example I typed in ‘fishing tackle daiwa reel’ into Google and you can see how an eBay store with matching keywords has been included in the first page results.

Read a simillar article about ebay category SEO by Jenn Cangelosi here

To optimize your eBay store categories you need to make your categories and sub-categories keyword rich.  In the example above,  and if you were selling Daiwa fishing reels you would name your eBay store category Fishing Tackle and then name your sub category ‘Daiawa reels’. It only takes a few minutes to set up and can make a massive difference in the amount of traffic that is funneled to your eBay store and listings. More traffic means more sales, so take a few moments now and make your eBay store categories search engine friendly to increase your eBay store traffic.

Learn how to increase your eBay sales even more using the eBay Best Match Boost Listing Strategy

I Received An Email From A Wholesale Supplier Today And I Was About To Hit The Delete Button When..

email-from-wholesale-supplierI received an email from a wholesale supplier today and I was about to hit the delete button when..

It was obvious the email was from a Chinese supplier trying to sell me something. They most probably didn’t have my permission to send me this email because I didn’t opt in to receive the email. In this instance I would usually just hit the delete button straight away since I didn’t recognize the supplier, the name, or who the email was from, or the product that was being offered in the title of the email. On this occasion however, I decided to give this one a chance and I opened the email.

The product being offered was something I’d never heard of and the email didn’t even explain what the product was used for. It was called a ‘dermol roller’ and sounded like some type of medical device.

Curiosity won over me and I clicked through to the supplier’s website. After reading the product description on the supplier’s website I was still none the wiser as to what this contraption was used for. The sales information was in broken English and I really lost interest pretty quickly after I discovered it used some sort of needle that penetrates the skin for health reasons. There is no way I would even consider looking to import such a product without knowing exactly what this thing was used for, or without having an understanding of the requirements and regulations for importing such a device. As I was just about to close the website browser something caught my eye.

Down on the left hand corner of this website was a link to another product that I had heard of. It was an ion detox foot spa. I quickly did a search on for ‘ion detox foot spa’ and discovered these things were selling pretty well and at around 150usd each. These small and reasonably lightweight items were interesting.whoelsale-products-to-sell-on-ebay

I’ve sent for pricing information to determine whether these things are worth pursuing. But it just shows how you can stumble across products that could be a hot best selling product on eBay. You might be asking yourself why I share this confidential information with you, that other  seller’s wouldn’t dream of disclosing. It’s because I care, and I want you to succeed on eBay as I have done so for years.

I stumbled upon this product today and who knows, maybe I’ll most probably stumble across another tomorrow! I don’t expect you to reveal your selling secrets like I do, but it would be great to hear what you think? Am I foolish for telling you my product ideas, or am I confident that I can do it over and over again. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts..

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