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The Right Way To Set Up A Google Adwords Campaign

eBay has been the core foundation of my internet business for years and I’ve always said that if you are introducing a new product use eBay to TEST the market and the demand for that product. I say this because eBay already has an established base of hungry buyers who are actually looking to buy something whilst surfing eBay.

Getting good sales on eBay is a whole ball game in itself, but what after eBay? When you do have products selling on eBay where do you expand to? Well it doesn’t apply to every product however Google Adwords has been around for some time now and it is still in my opinion one of the best places to market your products after eBay.

As you know this blog is called ‘Auction Guerrilla’ and yes Google Adwords is also an auction as in, you bid on keywords and Google Adwords rewards the best advertisers with a higher ad rank. So today I’m going to show you how to set up a Google Ad campaign correctly. The problem with Adwords is that I’m not the only one to think Adwords is a great place to advertise and like eBay, the Adwords marketplace has become saturated for the more common niches.

So it is important that you know how to setup an Adwords campaign correctly.

Here goes..

Firstly you will have a list of keywords relating to your product and usually only 20% of those keywords will bring 80% of your traffic and sales.  (A bit like 20% of your eBay listings will bring you 80% of your sales)

So, you need to spend most of your time working on those 20% of keywords.

We will call these ‘Tier 1’ keywords and they need to go into ad groups with very similar keywords.

You will then create another ad group that contains the remaining 80% of keywords and you should call this ‘Tier 3’

I hear you shouting, “So what happened to ‘Tier 2′”

OK, ‘Tier 2’ for now is left open and here’s why..

After reviewing your ‘Tier 1’ keywords after a couple of days to a week you will leave the best performing keywords in ‘Tier 1’ and the remaining keywords you can ‘Peel and Stick’  into their own ad groups – These will become your ‘Tier 2’ keywords and ad groups.

Notice that if you set up your Google Adwords campaign this way, the next time you login to manage your account you can simply pay more attention to ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’ ad groups and you will be spending your valuable time on the most productive keywords.

I should mention that your first campaign containing the three tiers should be targeted for Google search only (Not partners or the content network)

You should then duplicate your first campaign and target the Search Network and lower your bids on all of your keywords by 1 penny. This way you can monitor Google Search and The Search Network (Like Ask Geeves, AOL etc) separately.

OK, You can take a deep breath now but there’s one last thing.

To target the content network you would have another totally separate campaign and only target the content network.

It sounds complicated and it is!

However, If you do spend the time setting up your adwords campaign correctly in the first place you will make lots more money and save a lot more on bids.

As with any internet advertising platform it does take time to learn and implement correctly however I really do think Google Adwords is one of those platforms worth mastering. Everything I learned about PPC and Google adwords is from the grand master himself Perry Marshall.

Perry Marshall ‘Google Adwords Master’

If you havn’t  checked out Perry Marshall yet then you are missing out..

(By the way he’s also a Facebook marketing master)

You can check out Perry’s website here..

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