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The Marketing Maze | Auction Guerilla

The Marketing Maze

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If you are a real human being, you will have probably received an email or seen an advert somewhere at some stage saying something along the lines that ‘making money on the internet is easy’, right?

Yesterday one of my suppliers called Graham asked me “John, you buy so much of these products from us but how do you actually sell them, your business is selling them on the internet isn’t it?”

I said yes that’s partly right.

I told him, “I actually use these products as ‘marketing widgets’ that lead customers towards my main business which is teaching people how to build and promote their own business on the internet” .

He looked back at me with a blank gaze and probably still none the wiser.

“Ah OK,” he replied..

“So, how do you actually sell these products then?”

In lay man’s terms I proceeded to explain to Graham how you can market widgets on the internet..

“Graham, you can sell your physical products using PPC, SEO, PPV, CPA, CSE’s, Facebook, Email, Blogging, Article Writing, Affiliate Marketing, E commerce Platforms, Video Marketing, Joint ventures,¬† etc”

He didn’t really understand what I meant so I told him the kinder garden version..

“If you want to start an online business selling something, the best way is to show your product to an already established market that’s easy and low risk, like the eBay marketplace. Once you have proof that there is a demand for your product and you have an offer that sells, you then proceed to expand your marketing efforts to all the other forms of internet marketing. ”

“Oh I see” Graham said, circling his head whilst almost nodding..

“And then Graham, you use..

Pay Per Click Search Marketing (PPC) – This is when you display your ad to a group of people who are actively seeking your product and when they click your ad you pay a fee.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) – This is where you optimize and increase your websites popularity using on page optimization and link building techniques to get higher organic search engine rankings.

PPV – This is where your ad is displayed and you pay a fee for a fixed number of times your ad has been displayed.

Facebook – This is where you display your ad to a finely tuned demographic and then pay a fee once your ad is clicked on, a bit like PPC.

Email Marketing – This is when you send emails to people who have requested more information about your product or services.

Blogging – This is when you write articles with interesting stories, providing good information about your products, services and your interests to your blogs reader.

Article Writing – This is simply when you write articles about your products and services and post to article directories and blogs.

Affiliate Marketing – This is where you pay other internet marketers a commission to promote and sell your products and services

E commerce Platforms – This is when you list your products on existing websites that are designed specifically to sell your products to potential buyers who are browsing the e commerce website.

Video Marketing – This is when you make videos to market and promote your products

Joint Ventures (JV’s) – This is when you team up with other internet marketers and you promote each others products and services for usually a mutual benefit.

Graham¬† says, “so it can be quite complicated then..”

I told him..

The best way to start is using one method and then grow your business from there whilst you are making money.

So, as you can see making money on the internet is easy.. (I hope you can see the sarcasm in that)

How many of these methods have you tried?

One method I’m experimenting with at the moment is PPV, and if you haven’t seen this yet I would highly recommend Jonathan Mizel’s course. Within a few hours of implementing this course I had several thousand targeted hits to one of my websites…

Internet marketing is a learning process and like anything else needs constant implementation of marketing strategies to constantly increase your business potential and it does take time to progress.

If you are starting with eBay and ecommerce, you can sign up for my newsletter and video series for lots of useful information you can implement right away..

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