The Rise And Fall of eBooks On eBay

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eBay used to be flooded with eBooks and information products and many eBay sellers sold ebooks for very low prices to boost feedback scores and to make money on autopilot.

Once an eBay store was setup and the delivery of the downloadable ebooks was automated simply by setting up an email link to download the ebook that was sent to the buyer after the sale, made selling ebooks a very attractive automated income stream.

But that all stopped when eBay changed the rules. eBay felt that digital products was not their main target audience and they wanted their site to be more like an Amazon style site that only sold physical products.

So what happened to all the ebook sellers?

Well, some closed up shop and walked away, some found other physical products to sell and some took initiative and changed the way they sold information products to suit eBay’s new rules.

By simply burning the ebook onto a cd, a digital ebook became a physical product that could be sold on eBay.

Yes it did mean that the process of selling could not be fully automated but that was offset by the fact that you could easily increase the price for the cd rather than selling a low cost digital ebook.

I don’t agree that ALL ebooks should be sold on eBay this way but only those that are unique, original and have some benefit for the buyer. People don’t like to buy re-hashed garbage but I do agree that if you can create an information product that shows others how to do something only you or a few others know how to do then why not share that information and burn it to a CD? You can even record videos and MP3’s and sell those on CD. Buyers can watch the videos on their PC or even their iPhone.

Have you thought about selling your own information product on eBay? Do you have experience or expertise in something you think other people might want to know about? Maybe you are already selling products on eBay to a specific niche and you could offer an information CD to that niche that teaches tricks and short-cuts on how to use the products you sell.

For example..

If you sell gardening tools how about a gardening tips cd?
if you sell clothes how about a brochure on cd?
If you sell electronics, how about a how to fix something cd?
if you sell wooden furniture, how about a how to take care of your furniture cd?

If you do have expertise in something, why not create an information product and burn it to a cd to resell on eBay. Do you sell information products on eBay or do you have an idea for an information product to sell on eBay. Maybe you used to sell digital ebooks on eBay? Let me know by replying below, I’m really interested to know what you think..



  1. Barry Wells says:

    Hi John, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’ll reply to the comment in a moment, before i do i wanted to read this post as our subjects are somewhat similar.

    I’m an eBay seller, and i sell info products.

    When eBay changed the rules about downloadable items i had to change the way my system was set up, ie change from automated sales to the manual production of CD’s. By placing the products on a CD I am able to add so much more to them, bonus items, links to affiliate products, special offers and an opt-in form for my newsletter.

    I have also tweeked my automated system so that as well as sending the customer the CD i also send them an automated email (instantly, upon completion of payment) with a download link to their purchased item, so that they can get started on it straight away while they wait for the disc to arrive. The customers seem to like this and often comment on my communications in their feedback.

    With the amount of portable devices now on the market that you can read eBooks from i know that eBooks are yet to reach their peak.

    If you search eBay for eBooks you will find loads and loads of the same old eBooks offered for sale. Many of which are now out dated and simply not relevent to todays market, these are to be avoided. Having said that you will also find loads and loads of new products that are relevent and do help people overcome an obsticle

    Your advice is bang on John: If you have a good knowledge of a subject and you feel able to help others in the form of an eBook, go for it. It is not as hard as you think it is and you can boost your income by offering your other products in the eBook, as well as affiliate products.

    This is an excellent post John, i’ll be back for more.

    Regards, Barry

  2. John B says:

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for stopping by and your lengthy comment!

    I’m pleased to hear you are doing well with the CD information products on eBay and revealing the advantages of sending a CD as apposed to simply a digital product. Like you mention in your post Barry, sometimes buyers who download a digital product can quickly forget about it if interrupted or put it on the back-burner permanently. Sending the CD later reminds the buyer to actually take another look and to take action.

    Thanks again


  3. Ed says:

    Hey John,

    Barry above is a colleague of mine, and we where both mentored by John Thornhill, the biggest info product seller on eBay, and John was the one who mastered using eBay as a targeted traffic source to his higher ticket eBooks in his store from his low end ones in his listings!

    I used to sell skincare products private label part time on eBay, I have since created a product on that…

    ==> <==

    I am extremely proud of that eBook, a powerseller once contacted me who had a successful eBay business in the skincare niche, and told me he used some of the information to take his eBay biz to a new level his testimonial is on my sales page!

    Anyway this certainly is a blog i`ll return on a very regular basis I haveyour feed on my Google reader account!

    Great to meet you….Ed.

    • John B says:

      Great to meet you too ED.
      Sounds like you have a successful system in place.
      Keep doing more of what works!

      Thanks for the comment.

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