The Winter Paradox: Overcoming Your Fear of Freedom

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I love the winter scenes of snow covered rooftops and trees in the countryside but then again I only see it maybe once each year. The reason I love the picturesque scenes so much is because usually I don’t have to feel the snow or the cold.

As you may or may not know I spend most of my time in tropical climates that pull in 35 degree Celsius heat waves as a norm, but sometimes I like to travel to the UK to visit friends and family and to ‘absorb’ England. Visiting England, especially in winter is kind of like getting a sweet slap in the face.

The cold is bitter but it’s a wake up call to what people experience in winter climates.

The only reason I like it is because the winter scenes are beautiful and I don’t have to fight through the bitter cold mornings to do my work. If I had to travel or work outside in winter I probably wouldn’t like the winter months so much.

But this is my point. When you are in the crowd of people who are all following the blind,  i.e. cuing in traffic to get to work, following a routine your not happy with, seeing everyone else following a similar routine and desperate to spend money rather than make money, it’s difficult to see the other side of the fence.

What I mean is that when you’re in the crowd, it’s more difficult to see the big picture from above.

Why would you want to see the big picture?

It reminds me of a previous post;  Selling more on eBay the 1000 mile high view

Being able to really SEE the big picture helps you realize that you don’t simply have to follow the crowd.

There are benefits to this..

– Being able to truly ‘think outside the box’

– It’s easier to commit to your own needs and your own passions

– It’s easier to see what the crowd really wants

– Overcoming your fear of freedom!

For example;  When I see market stalls and products in shops in England I’m always comparing prices to what’s available in other countries.

Most people might walk into a shop that sell supplements or curtain blinds or anything else a little unusual, to actually buy something. I go in to check what’s on offer or more importantly what’s not on offer.

If you find a product available on the internet that you know people would want that isn’t easily found in the high street shops or market stalls then you might just have a hot idea for a product to sell on eBay.

Experiencing different climates and travelling helps you ‘think outside the box’ – it opens the mind to possibilities and opportunities you would have never even dreamed of before.

Make time to have a look, won’t you?  (From ‘outside the box’ that is), and consider if what you are doing and feeling is where you really want to be right now – or whether you would benefit from watching and thinking from ‘outside the box’ a little more.



  1. Ed says:

    Hey John,

    What a fantastic analogy, on the selling mindset!

    I couldn’t have put it better myself it’s true, that it’s the reason why most people are like sheep they all follow the proverbial herd..


    Because they do not know how to break away from the crowd…


    Just cannot be bothered to, having the knowledge to do so!

    I have to agree, research for what’s selling can be utilised visiting offline stores, and checking out top magazines to see whats popular, especially niche targeted magazines, that help you pinpoint particular products in that niche that are *HOT*!

    They can translate to online sales, and what better platform to use for buyers to your wares than…


    Great content as usual John….Ed.

  2. Ed says:

    btw: John



    • John B says:

      It takes a lot of courage to tear yourself away from the norm Ed. Well done to those who start their own business even on the smallest scale to begin with.

      As once said..

      “Tall oaks from little acorns grow”

      All the best Ed!

  3. John McNally says:

    We’ve had a particularly hard Winter here in the UK John, but it always reminds me how lucky I am to be self employed. The weather is horrible if you have to commute to work, but it’s lovely scenery to enjoy when you don’t have that pressure. 8)

    As you said, we all have a choice and don’t have to follow the herd. Thinking outside the box could produce the one idea that would enable anyone to escape from rush hour hell.

    Wishing you a happy and prosperous New year.


    • John B says:

      I can remember having to scrape the ice from the car window at 7am before having to cue in the motorway traffic to get to my day job. The best thing I ever did was to decide to do it my own way. My best ideas come to me when I’m in the shower or relaxing – Not when I’m freezing in the rush hour.

      I think anyone can have good ideas but having the determination to continue to chip away every day to make those ideas a reality is key. Too many people give up too soon but the rewards for persistence is appreciated (especially in the cold winter months!).

      All the best for the New Year John!

  4. Mandy Allen says:

    Hi John, Happy New Year to you. I find ebay is a great place to sell my product (oil lamp chimneys) as these are not available generally, and most are very highly priced. But I do find the selling patterns bizarre. I was a powerseller for a few months last year then suddenly sales dropped off completely and now I’m not! It’s the most strange thing and doesn’t even seem to be seasonal. Good job I don’t rely on the income!

    Enjoy the journey.


    • John B says:

      And a happy new year to you also.

      From experience Mandy, seeing a success for a short period of time with a product not usually available, is a signal of life in your market

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