What to sell on eBay when Competition Becomes Brutal

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Even though my family are extremely supportive, they are not as motivated about my business as I am which is understandable. Of course they want me to be and depend on me to some extent be successful. And it took me years of basically saying’ you watch I know what to do now to make money online’.

Then there was another learning curve and yet another and another..what sells on ebay

And you know what..

It never ends!

If you are inclined to learn and implement..

Learning is a never ending process. You can always learn and apply more. But there comes a time when you have to stop kidding yourself and actually implement what you have learned already and start enjoying the journey.

It’s a known fact that most people who buy books don’t read them all. People who like to read probably buy more books than they have time to read. And others may not always read a full book.

People who do read books and learn something new, probably never take action on what gained from the book. The knowledge is stored but never acted upon and most books are left to gather dust and usually forgotten about.

This is a generalization of course.

But the fact is that to enter ANY market you have to implement. You need to take action and you need to have something unique. Even if you take action and you don’t know if the action you are taking is the right one, taking some action is better than taking no action.

If you do actually take action and follow through you are probably 90% ahead of everyone else, because based on the 80/20 rule, most people simply don’t take action.

Compare this to learning to drive a car. You can read the books, watch videos and be an ‘armchair expert’, but you won’t actually learn to be an expert driver let alone a competent driver unless you actually get behind the wheel and do something.

So whether it’s selling on eBay, Amazon, through ecommerce channels or through other channels and in any market, you need to walk before you can run and actually do start doing something. I’m sure you’ll agree you can learn basics but you can’t become an expert or even proficient unless you start doing something and actually start ‘trying’ stuff.what to sell on ebay

Here’s something else I hear often..

“If every market is already too competitive then why even bother trying”.

Here’s why..

Take music for example..

I’m kind of eclectic so I tend to like all kinds of different music. But what if every musician out there said..

“I’m not going to write or release a new song because there are already too many musicians in the world and the market is already flooded with music”.

Of course that wouldn’t happen, because in reality there are so many different kinds of music styles and unlimited possibilities for new music to be created and people who like ‘creating’ and ‘adding value’ do it because it’s in their blood.

I have always said that the key to winning is having something different to offer. You don’t have to be radically different, you just need to be at the least fractionally different. Just different enough so that you, your music or your products are unique.

The same can be said for any market you enter on the internet. Be unique and make your products stand out – they only have to be slightly different to existing products to be unique enough to be winning products in their own right. This actually works better in competitive markets.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long to discover new ideas and strategies once you immerse yourself in a market.

What can you do to make your products that little bit different and what actions you will you commit to this week and actually complete..

It would be interesting to know!



  1. Ed says:

    Hey John…

    Love this post… I feel the more you are naturally motivated in your business the more the learning curve is easy to handle…

    Therefore you are learning more and more at a quicker and more comfortable rate!

    A unique post here loved it!

    Cheers John….Ed.

  2. Barry Wells says:

    Hi John, well said!!

    I think life itself is a lesson that never ends, we are constantly learning new things as we age.

    When we have new ideas, or dreams as some put it, we owe it to ourselves to follow them through. Which involves learning and applying over and over.

    Some people think they don’t know enough to start and hold themselves back thinking they have to learn everything before stepping up and taking action. This is a wrong approach in my book. We should learn and apply then learn some more and appy some more.

    I do get your point about the amount of books that go unread, eBooks especially are so often started and never finished (reading).

    One thing i found when i first started online was that people raised their eyebrows when i told them, as if to say “Yeah right, another pipe dream”. those people are still in the same pubs doing the same things day in day out and my journey online is growing momentum…… All because I take action and do it.

    We all have different thoughts and ways of doing things so our products are unique as they written by us in our tongue with our way of doing things.

    It’s a big world out there and there’s room for everyone to create their “thing” be it music, products or anything else.

    Thanks John, great post again. Lets hope people heed your words mate.


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